Wednesday, August 22, 2012

St. George.

Apparently I am a Train fan this week. This song has been stuck in my head. I love it. Enjoy. And then continue reading.(:

To have faith is to allow your heart to believe in things that can't be seen.

I spent this last weekend in St. George with my boyfriend. I needed to go tour the hair school I hope to attend down there in the next couple of months. He asked if he could drive me down and it just all fit together... In a way.

We left on Friday around six and I didn't say very much the entire car ride down. I had a headache or something that just kept me pretty quiet. That is why I am super grateful that Steven is good at entertaining himself. He sang songs all the way down. We went through a lot of CD's.

When we arrived in St. George... Well really it was Washington Utah, we stopped for dinner at ihop... It was like 10:30pm. But I was starving. After that I went and got all checked into my hotel room. Definitely not a five star hotel. But I survived the weekend.

The next morning I was up and watching the golf channel by four. Steven and I went for a Walmart run early in the morning. Which included buying breakfast... Pop-Tarts. Yum. My tour was at one and it didn't seem very organized... Which if you know me, that drove me nuts! I went for a look around the school and met with the director and learned a lot more about how they run things. The whole thing was a million times shorter than I thought it was going to be.

I texted Steven when I was done. And then went walking along the strip of stores which included DownEast, Jo-Anns, Kohls, and I don't remember what else... But I liked that all the stores were right there by the school. It is in a really well set up spot for me to lose a lot of money shopping.(:

It was over one hundred degrees on Saturday. I was burning up! Steven came and got me and I ran back to the hotel to see if I could find some oils to help me not feel as sick. Then we ran by Jimmy Johns for some lunch and then headed over to his Grandparents house to hang out for a bit.

His grandparents were so nice to me. They were very friendly and open about everything. It was a lot of fun talking with them. Stevens sister is living with them right now and so I got to visit with her for a little bit while Steven was out mowing the lawn. After he finished I borrowed one of his sisters T-Shirts and Steven and I went for a ride on the four wheeler. Which is like my favorite thing in the world. I love four wheeling!

After we were all done, sweaty, and me on the verge of being red as a tomato we ate cake and ice cream with his grandparents and aunt and then went out for dinner at the Pizza Factory with his sister. At this point I was just dead tired! I ate as much as I could but I was just ready for bed. I felt so bad.

Before the night was over I got to cut Stevens hair. That was an adventure! I was lucky to be able to. And he was very patient with me. It was a lot of fun.

I was all ready for bed by 10:30. It was a shocker. I haven't gone to bed that early since last October!

Sunday morning was one of the best mornings ever.
It was really long and frustrating at first. I felt really sick and was just so uncomfortable that I was getting out of bed to just move around every couple of minutes for hours and hours. But then finally I got to mellow out. And ended up being able to rest really well. I showered and rushed to put on my make up before I had to be checked out by 11am.

Steven and I ate breakfast at his grandparents house. My breakfast was pop-tarts and his was pizza. He is a little unique but hey that is good!(:

We visited with his grandpa until his sister and grandma got home from church and soon after that we started heading home.

We got to Cedar and the rain was sooooo bad. Being in a little sports car is super cool and all until the rain is coming down super fast and you are crossing your fingers that you don't hydroplane. We got off at a close exit and just parked for a little bit and took a nap. We were both exhausted.

The conversation on the way home fron St. George was a lot more up beat than the small talk we had on the way down. It was great! We talked about a lot and got a lot out.

Steven and I listened to a lot of random music. But the most played song was probably "A Boy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash.

We stopped in the middle of nowhere to get some dinner at Subway. Only I got Subway, and he got chips. Grr.
Saying goodbye after a fun weekend was pretty sad. But he only lives half an hour away and we tend to hang out all the time so its okay.(:
He was so nice to me the whole time and really watched out for me and was honest. I really enjoyed having him around.
He really has been a great best friend. And I couldn't of asked for a better person to spend the weekend with.

So thank you Steven.(:
I really appreciate the time you took to spend the weekend with me in St. George.