Sunday, July 1, 2012

Something annoying.

The other day I was with Emma in the kitchen and she was messing with the cupboards or something. So I gave her that look. You know the one that looks like "are you seriously doing that? Do you not realize how annoying you are being?" And she goes "Ugh I am sorry! I just forget what gets on your nerves." And of course I told her "Only the annoying things."

This week has been interesting. Let me think... On Sunday I spent a lot of time with Family. Then I went over to Kinkos house and watched a movie and got to meet his family.

I worked all week. It was extremely long. On Friday and Saturday I pretty much worked by myself. It was fun, but a bit of a challenge seeing as the fourth of July is coming up so there are a lot more people in town which means the store got pretty busy. And the people got pretty rude. But it was still good.

I spent an evening playing card games with all of my sisters at Genevieves house. That was so much fun. It was nice to see Gabrielle so happy too.

I have been running a bit more with Mara. The 5k is this week! So excited!!

Gabrielle and I went shopping. And it was a bit frustrating because I shouldn't be spending money. But it was fun too!!

Kaytlyn and I ran the route for the 5k last night. Guess who ran the whole thing and only stopped at a red light for five seconds?! Yup, that would be me! So sad that whenever I thought "Oh my gosh. I can't go any further. I just need to walk a little bit." I had to tell myself "I are NOT the girl I used to be. I am NOT the girl I was in high school. I am a finisher. And I will go all the way." Thus, success.

Oh my gosh! I also went to the Manti pageant this week with Kinkos. BEST NIGHT EVER. I was a bit warmer this time, so I stayed awake through the whole thing. It was pretty good. I still don't exactly understand everything. But it was so much fun! Such a great night. And a very very very fun car ride. Definitely a night to remember.

So here are some pictures I thought I would share. And umm yeah. Enjoy I guess?

 Above: On Friday UCCU had a pool party at the Scera Pool in Orem. It ended up being a girls outing. With Genevieve, Kaytlyn, Mara, Gabrielle, Emma, myself, and two nieces Mia and Meg. (Mia remembers my name because our names rhyme. Neat huh?) Well Meg and I sat by each other on the way there. As I sat down next to her she said "look! I got myself buckled. I am ready to go." I thought "oh gosh. If we were in an accident how much would that really help you? You could fit two more Megs in there!" Don't worry, I tightened it for her.

 This is a picture from... mmm... February? Or like the first week in March. The day Gabrielle Emma and I went to Krispy Kreme to get free doughnuts. We listened to Miley Cyrus' "Party in the U.S.A." there and back.
P.S. My first time ever going to Krispy Kreme. Fun adventure.

 So the day of Graduation I went out to eat dinner with my parents, Mara, and Gabrielle. We went to Golden Corral (I think.) and I was like "Okay, even though the pageant is just a couple week away. I have to have root beer." So I got Root Beer and it was delicious, so I drank it all. When the guy came around asking if I wanted refills I said yes and told him what I had. And he came back with Dr. Pepper. YUCK. So I very kindly asked for a new drink, and he came back with something that didn't taste like Root Beer, or Dr. Pepper. But it tasted more like Dr. Pepper than it did anything else. Ya know? So I had no idea what to do. I don't like not knowing what I am drinking. So on the far left is the mystery drink, in the middle is the root beer, and on the right is the Dr. Pepper.

 Here I am in the dressing room with my darling Little Miss Emmy. She was such a trooper to be my little miss for the pageant. I am so glad I could count on her. And I definitely looked up to her. Love the cutie!

 So once upon a time in middle school I was on a ... Unique path in my life and I began wearing make up. It was not my parents favorite. Then I got into high school and I kind of slacked off. And just did the real basics.  At the beginning of my Senior year I did more of a natural but cute look. And then I let it all go after my car accident. And thanks to the pageant I am back into make up. So say hello to the make up again. I now take six extra minutes to get ready in the morning.

 No need to explain this one. Just KICKS! <3

 On Thursday I believe it was I went and picked up my nieces and nephews to spend the day at my house. On the left is baby Alyse, in the middle is Meg, and on the right is my favorite little man, Mr. Milo. Love the boy. They are so fun to have around.

 Just a picture from right after the pageant. Make up, hair done, and tired as heck. But I enjoyed the experience.

 These shoes were a size five and still too big for me. So bummed out.

So I have done like a million tent sales with DownEast in the past four years and we just did a tent sale in March I think, and we had these jumpsuits that I made everyone try on. Once they go down below $10 I promise to buy one. (They were originally listed at $50) But as for now, I just have to see the picture. hahahahahah. So fun.