Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One Month.

 Ready for a cheesy story? Well, here goes nothing.

One month ago I walked into FedEx Office with a big old "DON'T MESS WITH ME" sign, bold as could be, right across my forehead. I was in no mood to talk with anyone. I just wanted to get in, get my job done, and get out.
But... That didn't happen.

As I walked into the store the guy working shouted from behind the counter as he made copies for a different customer "Hey how are you doing?"
Me being in the mood that I was I didn't even think about looking over and acknowledging him. I just gave him a head nod without even turning my head his direction.

I quickly headed over to the picture printing machine I use every single time without fail. I shoved my card in the slot and waited very impatiently. With my eyes fixed on the screen and my right hand holding a neat little card reader/flash drive waiting for the "okay" to put it in the machine, I shifted my weight to one side and anxiously tapped my foot on the ugly carpeted floor.
Before I knew it, the last words I wanted to see showed up on the screen, "CARD REJECTED." Seriously? Like for reals? It is past eight, I just had one heck of a day and you want to top it off by not accepting my card? BRING. IT. ON.
I tried once or twice more but the machine was determined to tick me off. With steam coming off of me I shoved my phone and keys into my pockets, grabbed my card, and walked over to the main desk.

"Do you need help?" He asked.
I thought *Are you freakin' kidding me? Of course I need you to help me. Why else would I be over here?!* But luckily my words came out a little nicer. I smiled and said:
"Yeah. The machine won't take my card. I need some pictures printed from this flash drive."
He said he would be with me in a minute after he helped the other customers.

After getting them sent off he came over and brought my pictures up on his computer. He got really cute about it and I slowly removed the "DON'T MESS WITH ME" sign from my forehead as I explained that these were my pageant pictures and I just needed to get the pictures titled "void" printed. But of course he had to press the "Thumbnail" button and I had to make him scroll all the way down to the bottom really fast (no way in heck I was letting him see the swimsuit pictures that were on there!!) He finally moved my pictures from my flash drive to a store flash drive. Why? I don't know. Because my card was the issue, not the flash drive.

Then we walked over to the machine I started at, and tried to get them printed. It wasn't working with my card and he said that we could try with a store card and that if my card didn't work at the front desk he would just pay for the pictures. He some how managed to ask me where I was from, how old I was, and a couple other questions in the middle of all this. But no worries, I got him to answer the same questions too. He totally had my smiling and laughing in less than five minutes. What a nice guy, so funny, and super nice. He told me that I was the first person to smile at him that night. I felt bad but I was glad that I chose to change my attitude.

After we finally got the pictures printed and started walking over to the main desk to pay for them I started thinking "Oh my heck. There is no way I am leaving here without one of us giving the other our phone number. How am I going to make this happen?!" Panic set in IMMEDIATELY.
My card worked (success!) and my receipt began printing up. After it finished he grabbed a pen and as he said "Well Leah, it was nice meeting you..." he wrote his number down on my receipt.
I am sure I blushed, as I giggled and thanked him for his help and walked out.
My first text to him said "Who would have thought Salem has cute boys?"

We hung out the very next day, and every since then I think I have seen him every day except for maybe a handful of days.

He took me to see Madagascar 3 and Brave (I don't like animated movies.)
The Sunday after we met I met his cute little family.
A week after we met he drove me down to Manti so we could see the Manti Pageant. We were one of the last people there, but the first car out.
We spent our day off at a park that had "beer" in the name, having a cute little picnic without mayo for our sandwiches.
We have watched fireworks together.
Gone on plenty of walks.
Never been on a date that he was on time for.
And spent just as much time laughing together as we have talking together.
He sings to me every time we are in the car.
And surprises me with cute little things.
I can honestly say that I didn't see this coming, but it was perfect timing.
I am so grateful for him, and for the person he makes me.
He became my best friend so fast and I love spending time with him.
This past month has rocked.
From the day we met he has never failed to cheer me up and make my day a thousand times better.
I couldn't be happier.

p.s. proof reading did not happen. Ignore the mistakes.(: I told Emma I would play Monopoly with her and she is staring me down.
And to those of you sending me the daily texts and emails reminding me of how much you miss my blogging, I am sorry. YET AGAIN.(: Be patient. I move out in 14ish weeks. The blogging will happen.