Monday, June 11, 2012

Welcome Back!

Why hello! I am back.(:
I decided I would start blogging for my family and friends once I moved out for college. BUT since college and future future-y stuff is up in the air I shall start blogging today. (: Hence the post.
The Miss Provo Pageant pretty much rocked! I am looking into some modeling and acting agencies now. I don't think I will be doing many other pageants, or so that is how it looks right now. I may or may not do Miss Provo next year. A lot of people have been saying "I am looking forward to you competing in Miss Provo again next year!" So pressure is on!(: Everyone who came to support me totally rocks. I loved all of the flowers! Flowers are like the best gift to receive. And I got so so so so many wonderful comments on my talent. A ton of wonderful comments. It was great!

Today Emma and I went make up shopping. Yes. I am turning into a girl. I am going to start doing my make up on a regular basis... Well... Maybe(: I know how to apply my make up. But I wanted to get some extra tips so I looked up videos on YouTube and it is so funny that it takes girls so much time to get a video started. They have so much talking to do. Nuts.

And apparently we are watching my cousins children right now which is neat seeing as I think I have only seen them like twice in person. But it does mean that we are watching Lilo and Stitch for the fifth time in the last week or so. It is a funny movie but only to a point. Like all movies.(:

I love watching movies with my mom.(: Enough said.

So on stage at the pageant one of the questions I was asked was:
"What motivates you to work to finish something?"
And my response:
"Honestly, hearing my parents say that they are proud of me is what motivates me to accomplish difficult things. There is nothing more rewarding than your parents saying they are proud of you."

I love my parents. They have supported me through the thick and thin. They have done so much for me and been there to share words of encouragement when times are rough, even if I cause my own problems. I know they love me and I hope they know they are two of my very best friends.

I am looking into going on a trip sometime this summer.
I have never been on an airplane so I hope Samuel (who has also never been on a commercial plane) will share a first experience with me and we will go on a vacation.(:

I am also looking into getting surgery! woohoo! Seriously so pumped.
So it is either, going to Weber State and having all my schooling payed for, just need to pay for my housing and a car.
Going to hair school and having to pay for it, and getting surgery too.

Win win situation probably.(:

Well I am off and out.