Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Who are you?

Why hello. My name is Leah.
But when I write my name on water bottles I write it "Lee-uh."
I go to bed after midnight.
I set my alarm for 7:00 Every morning.
Some morning I wake up and run 2-3 errands between 6:45 and 7:30.
If I don't run errands then I usually wake up to the sound of my sister getting ready for track around 6:30.
I fall asleep again until my alarm goes off at 7:00.
I check my email and go back to bed until at least 8:30.
Some morning I have to be to work by 9:45.
Other days it isn't until four.
But I just got a new job. So that will change soon.
I enjoy cooking. 
I love to cook Banana Pancakes.
And I love no bake cookies.
I enjoy eating fruit... And anything else I can get my hands on pretty much.
Food is my thing.
I love to exercise, but only alone.
I can't clean with anyone else in the room.
I would rather go to a book signing then to a concert.
Then again I have never been to a concert.
Or been on a plane.
I love running errands.
But I don't like people expecting me to do something.
I have this secret desire to dye my hair a burnt red.
(but my mother would not like it.)
I can't wait to have a puppy.
One day I hope to get married.
I want to do something I love for the rest of my life.
And not have to do something that I don't enjoy.
The greatest feeling in the world to me right now is when my parents tell me they are proud of me.
I plan to move in less than 6 months.
I have been in a pageant. It rocked.
I have the smallest feet in my family.
I am also the biggest girly girl, but I love mud.
I would rather go to a football game or rodeo than a ballet or Taylor Swift concert.
I am secretly a cow girl.

Well thanks for reading.
It was a long day.
I walked to work and it took me about 40 minutes. Totally rad.
Work flew by. Which was so nice. Meant I could move right along with my day.
I took Gabrielle to the mall to buy some sun glasses. And I tried some shoes on. So bummed that I had no idea what to wear them with. Super cute!
I tend to forget like 1/4 of all my days. So the part I forgot was between taking Gabrielle to the mall and dinner.
I convinced my mother to make Tuna Sandwiches for dinner. Oh I love them.
I picked up Mara from work and she fed me a Peanut Butter bar. (Did I mention I am a sucker for food? Oh I will eat anything now a days.)
I hurried home as fast as I could and ate the Tuna Sandwich standing up... Is that better than sitting down? I feel like I heard something about that once... Anyway.
I was stuffing in the last bite as I ran out the door to head over to my brothers. (I still think it would have been priceless if as I stuffed the last bite in and opened the door that there was someone right on my porch. I would have looked like a total weirdo/pig. Good thing there was no one!)
It was nice to spend the night with my brother. He always gives good advice. And I got to give four of his kids baths. So much fun.
I found out that searching for an apartment in St. George is a thousand times more difficult then looking for one in Ogden. NOT GOOD.
Reconnected with an old friend from Sophomore year.
It is really sad to see that some people don't change. And how a lot of people stay stuck in the High School drama stage. Tisk tisk.

Well enough boringness.
Seeing as I have a rockin' camera (That I want to sale soon) I should probably be taking daily pictures. BUT I don't... So maybe that will change sometime.

Well tomorrow is the day I clean my room! yahoo!!!!!