Tuesday, June 12, 2012



So what if today was my second Lazy day in a row... (Okay third if you count Sunday because the most productive thing I did Sunday was eat family dinner. ;) and watch a movie with my awesome Mother.)
I had another day off from work. Two in a week! Score.
And today was extra lazy.
I got up and watched a movie.
Went upstairs and watched a different movie.
Watched a different movie.
Took a nap.
Did my hair.
Tried to clean the windows (Sorry mom. For some reason washing those windows was like saying the alphabet backwards. No matter how hard I try it will never ever happen.)
And then I was offered a job.
A job that I know Emma is very happy that I got.
I will be the new employee at the Provo Mall in BATH AND BODY WORKS!
Stoked. I love smelly good stuff.
So it should be fun.
Then maybe I can transfer out to Ogden.
Maybe I really am supposed to still go out to Ogden.(:
Oh and other good news.
I got a job request in the mail.
And a letter from a missionary I haven't heard from in a while.
It was a great letter. Very very kind. And some awesome pictures.(:
So that was great.

Well this was boring.
I think I will watch a movie.(:

And Thursday I will clean my room.(: So excited to get that done!