Saturday, June 23, 2012

Not like the others.

Wow. Nothing says "welcome to my blog" like a huge picture of me.
Just goes to show that I can be in a pageant, wear six inch heels every day for three months, learn how to talk like a barbie doll, and pose for a million extra pictures, and still find days where I don't want to put on anything but chap stick. Welcome to my life.
I can go anywhere without make up. It has just become a choice to wear it. Not a need.
I heard a story a little while back about two ladies learning to get along.
Their husbands were business partners and their children became friends very fast. These two ladies had no idea what to say to each other, so the conversation started with this:
"You don't wear make up. And I don't wear make up!" -Lady #1
"Oh... That is right. Well you know what that means." -Lady #2
"...? No. What?" -Lady #1
"It means that our husbands will recognize us in heaven." -Lady #2

So true. haha.

Well I clearly haven't been around all week.
Um work has been slow but busy. You know? I connected with a lot of old friends this week though. And I can't wait to see them soon!
The fourth of July is coming up so fast, and no one celebrated the fourth of July like Provo. SO STOKED!

I made a new friend this week. At FedEx of all places. I have never really had a positive experience there. But on Monday I definitely had a great experience.

Tuesday night I went out for ice cream. And learned a little bit more about driving stick. That was a good night.

I saw Madagascar 3 on Thursday night I think, and it had its funny moments. What I can't figure out though is how the creepy french spider big butt lady put on so much red lipstick without looking in a mirror, taking off the top layer, and without getting it on her teeth.
Do you see why I don't usually watch cartoons? I just don't see how someone could put on red lipstick without worrying about it getting on their teeth.

I also saw Snow White and the Huntsman just last night. And that was a pretty good movie. Better than what people said. So I am glad I chose to watch it. It was such a perfect night. I love being able to be completely myself.

Yesterday and today were supposed to be my days off this week but I will be taking someones shift tonight /: yay... I always take peoples shifts, or the extra long shifts just because I need to be able to pay for schooling and housing in just a couple months. Things will be changing. So hopefully by the time I move out I will not have to worry very much about money. Woo...

And I totally went to Magelbys Fresh this morning for french toast. YUM. It was nice to have an all girls breakfast. But today was the first time I did not finish my plate of French Toast. That could be good or bad. But it did taste good.

Well I decided this week that I hate the word "Queue."

Well. I am out.(: