Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Took the day off.

I took the day off from school.
Well, almost the whole day.
Yesterday I didn't go to school, and that was so lovely.
Today I went to the first class period and left.
Right before I left I had a lovely talk with Jeremy.
Payed for tour.
And then finally left.
My first class period was fine. I was way out of it but still helped out a fair amount.
After getting home I ate breakfast with my grams, researched some information for my
scholarship, and then watched TV. I had lunch with my Grams, then ran to the bank and over to Timpview to finish paying for tour. That is right FINISH PAYING FOR TOUR. All done.
Then I waited for Joshua and we ran by Days Market.
Okay, let me make it known that I NEVER shop at Days... NEVER.
So I walk in and one of the first people I see is my 4th period teacher.
GRRREAATT!!! Ugh. I felt soooo guilty.
Then after talking with her I turned the corner and there was my 6th period debate coach.
Like really?
I was just waiting for my 8th period teacher to walk in.
I felt way guilty.

I ended up just hanging around all afternoon. Slept a lot. And don't hate, I am kinda addicted to watching Vampire Diaries. So I just put it on and fall asleep.

The picture is proof.