Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Single Awareness Day My Butt.

So... I am pretty sure that was my exact expression yesterday night.(:
Totally shocked!
Yesterday was a great day!
Complete with Valentines from the special ed. students I work with, flowers, sparkling cider, chocolates, jewelry, dinner, serenading, ice skating, and topped off with ice cream cake. YUM.
Very amazing day. Loved all of it.
Even every second of school!!!
Great day.

Peer Tutor was sort of rough today. I got to attend Foods with Hannah who had a test and she was not ready at all. So I tried to push her through it along with another boy who I don't know but similar disabilities. It was rough. But by the end we were laughing and getting along very well.

A Cappella was great! I still can't believe that I leave in the morning though! I have yet to pack.

What a perfect day!

Off to bed though. I am exhausted!