Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday is a Holiday.

Talk about a good day!
So I did chores this morning hahah. Which was fine I suppose. It is always nice to have a clean bathroom. And then Thomas stopped by with his puppy Sissy and we just sat and talked on my porch for a while. Which I mean was really nice. Just wish we could have gone for a walk. I bet Sissy wished we went for a walk too hahah.
Then Kaytlyn Maria and I packed up some jeans and set sail for Anthony and Missys house. I was so pumped! I haven't spent chill time at Anthony and Missys for a while. Normally I head out there for a party or something and it isn't just like sit down and get to know you. Oh but I did go out there a couple months ago to take their family pictures and that was fun!!... Anyway... So on our way there we stopped at a mail in Salt Lake to donate jeans and get coupons on jeans. And that was fun!
When we finally got to Anthonys we quickly started on pictures. We took pictures of Maria and then he took pictures of me. It was nice. And fun! Then they left to go purchase a car. So Maria, Kaytlyn and I along with Anthonys kids (zoe, molly, sam, and camden.) watched A Diary of a Wimpy Kid. So funny. So dumb. hahah. Oh and I got some cute pictures of Maria while they were gone.
So then when they came back we pretty much just ate dinner (so good! Nachos!) And watched a movie and then Missy did mine and Marias nails and then we set off for home. It was such a positive experience. I really enjoyed it.
On our way home we got Hot Chocolate and it was just fun stuff.(:
Oh and then we stopped by Target to get Milo a birthday gift. Very very positive day!!!

Here are some of the pictures Anthony took of me.