Friday, February 3, 2012

It's Friday Friday Friday!

Woohoo! Friday.
So today I had a meeting with some girls in my neighborhood about a get to know you activity. Should end up rad.
So guess what?
Yesterday I started talking with my best bud Thomas again. And so we decided to go out to lunch today. Pretty awesome sauce I gotta say. We just went to get Jamba and then parked at the temple and walked around it twice and then sat and talked. I think I may have mentioned that Thomas leaves at the end of the month to serve a mission for his church in Sydney Australia. Cool beans huh? So it was cool to talk with him. And then we went for a walk by the Provo River. It was great to spend time with him and catch up on the past six months that we haven't seen or talked with each other.

Oh here is an old picture of us(:
So after that I went to Trafalga and it rocked!!! So much fun.(: loved it. (:

So pretty much ready for bed. Soooo... Peace out (: