Saturday, January 28, 2012

Today was Saturday.

Oh it just makes me so mad! I set my alarm clock right before bed. And I tell myself, okay I set it for Seven. I turned the volume all the way up. And I set an annoying ring. So when it goes off I need to get out of bed fast and start getting ready... But it never works.
I set my alarm for 7 this morning. I needed to be in the A Cappella room by eight. That meant I was giving myself an extra hour to sleep in, and only an hour to get ready for the day. My alarm went off at seven... I got annoyed, turned it off. Pulled off the blankets. Just about screamed at how cold my room was, hurried and covered up. And fell back asleep until 7:20. Then I told myself, okay seriously? Be up by seven thirty. It was hard... But I made it up by seven fourty five... Clearly I was late to the rehearsathon.

The rehearsathon went from 8-4. It was a lot of fun.
I guess the legit times were like 11-4. And it went from 13 people... to eight... To seven... And at the very end, back to eight. It was great. For most of the time the only girls were me and Tayla. I sing Soprano and she sang Alto. So we had plenty of solo opportunities in front of those guys.

I got home and showered. Holy cold. I think the water heater might just be done.
I sat around watching vampire diaries until I figured out what my plans were for the night.
They rocked.

I went to the UVU mens basketball game and that was great. I ask a lot of questions though.
And then we went to Me Crepes. Very good. But I am a very slow eater...

I hate liking someone, and realizing that they are the only person that you can so easily be yourself around. And that you guys could go weeks or months without seeing each other and yet you are always just perfectly chill and relaxed and ready to have fun around them... But then you can't exactly tell how they really feel for you... And what might happen with you guys. It worries me.
Maybe I fell too fast...?

Shocking night.
Sleep well all.