Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Save the day.

Last night I went around to collect the rehearse-a-thon pledges. Looks like I only need $45 more dollars in order to go on the trip! It all needs to be in this week. So nervous.
But I have been so blessed and lucky to receive as much as I have.
My neighborhood has been great to me.

Tuesday. Love this day.
Yesterday I was annoying that it was Monday, a late start at school, and I was awake at 3AM.
Today my dad woke me up just before 5:30 and so far I have had a very busy but good day.
Not good, but good you know?
We left home around 6:30. Half hour later than planned. And headed for the great Salt Lake to pay for my traffic ticket from the accident.
It was rather annoying. I think I crossed the same crosswalk mmmm... 6 times.
The ticket cost just over $100.00 and I went from Zero points on my driving record to about sixty thanks to the ticket.
On our way home my dad and I talked a lot about random stuff. Which was nice.
We stopped by my moms work to visit her, along with two of my brothers that work there also.
While with Hyrum he fed me cookies. Chips a hoy and a cinnamon teddy graham. Unique huh?
In Samuels office we discussed how his office lights are bright, but that there should be more than two. And that we hate the roof squares on the sealing.
I spun around in the twirly chair in his office for about seven minutes. Which resulted in feeling sick, dizzy, receiving a headache, making me a little less happy.
Just as I chose to stop spinning my insurance company called me.
Perfect timing right?
We discussed the whole accident thing and she was very pleasant to deal with.
On my way home from the work building my dad and I discovered what art project I will be doing for my art school scholarship.
So stoked! It is a genius idea!!!!!
And so the countdown begins.
The Scholarship is due March 2nd. And I want to get it in by February 24th at the latest. That means only like three weeks. Ahhh I hate that it took me forever to come up with a good idea. Wish me luck!!

Well I just uploaded the pictures taken on a real camera of my poor baby.
Take a look.
You can see the tale end of Samuels truck which he came to rescue me in.
That thing is awesome.
I don't think the pictures do it justice. (the damage, or the awesomeness of Samuels truck)
Bad hit though.