Friday, January 27, 2012

Failure vs success.

Today was an interesting day at school.
Still not really myself.
Totally haven't been very talkative. So annoying.
Every class period was long.
TA was first and he had nothing for me to do, for the first time all year.
Then in Peer Tutoring hardly any of the students were there so we just sort of sat around.
And in A Cappella we kept busy but I was so out of it that I was no help and I just felt bad and like a burden.
Then my dad came and picked me up at lunch and then we went and got Gabrielle from school because she was feeling sick. Then I tried to skip lunch and go straight to having ice cream. But my dad made me eat real food first. Blah. So I had a sand which and then ice cream. And I spent forever watching like two episodes of Vampire diaries.

Oh and yes, for the first time in a while I had a bit of a plan set for Friday night before Friday night even occurred. Did that make sense? Well anyway, plans fell through. I did get a Jamba Juice out of it though. Best stinkin' Jamba ever!

I sat at the table and was able to listen to some of my Abuelas stories from life, it was great to hear them tonight.
But then Jeremy texted me asking me if I wanted to go to the Timpview vs. Provo basketball game. And seeing as I no longer had plans... I chose to go. My siblings had just left minutes before Jeremy asked so I no longer had a ride. Thank goodness he drives though, so he came and picked me up and the car ride back to Timpview was great. And then we parked and he totally made me laugh. Then thank goodness he is outgoing, and found us a spot down in the crowded middle section closer to the floor. It was so great. I loved the game. Even though we lost... And even though Provo High students were throwing raw eggs at the end... Sigh. But I loved just being there and hanging with him. It was cool.
The end of the game was a disappointment. But not even going to go there.
Um... Yeah. That is about it for today.

So in a way,
a lose win situation.
Not win win.
or win lose.
Just lose win.