Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day Twenty-Three: Book Worm

Day Twenty-Three: A picture of your favorite book.

Okay. A little challenging.(: I love reading. Most of all, I love reading RICHARD PAUL EVANS books! Oh my goodness, I have mentioned this a million times but I love his writing! ONE of his books that I enjoyed was ...
It was really incredible. But every time I read a new book of his I fall in love with it! Right now I am working on "Lost December." It has taken a little bit longer to get into it just because I haven't really been in the mind set of reading. But if you are ever looking for a good book, go for Richard Paul Evans Books.

So today umm... Today was good? I don't really remember.
Oh, but this boy did send me a text saying that I "looked breath taking." he said he "took a double look" because he was hit by how "great" I looked. I was shocked! I was like really? Because I woke up feeling so yucky and ready for a really down day. And then the day went pretty well. I still feel sick. But yeah. It was soooo kind!

GRRR. I need to go shopping for a shirt with a collar. UGH. Not excited. I don't even know where to buy those!
Long day.

Well, until tomorrow, goodbye