Friday, January 6, 2012

Day Ten: Perfection.

Day Ten: A picture of the person you do the craziest stuff with.

Easy. My younger yet taller sister Maria. You can just tell by the pictures. We used to be the best of best friends. We sorta put our friendship on the down low for now sadly.
But enjoy the pictures. ha.

So my car was sick.
In other words, yesterday the check engine light went on. And it was a bummer and frustrating to drive. Because I have this fear of my car breaking down in a very inconvenient spot. Hahah I know, overreaction but ya know...
So today I took it to the mechanic to be fixed.
Peter picked me up and took me home so I was just going to eat lunch and then go to school for the last class period. Well Maria texted me not long after I got home and this was our conversation: (P.S. All of the spelling and capitalizations are the real deal. Maria really does spell "well" with three "L's")

Can you bring in my running clothes to me when you come back from lunch? You don't need to bring my sweater... unless it is really cold outside.

Oh snap! Ugh dang it Maria! I just dropped the car off at the mechanic. Do you have other running clothes I can grab at home or do I need to get them from the cruiser?

Welll... my shoes are in that bag... and my sports bra(: sorry about that... if its too much trouble its fine. Do you know when the car will be done? we could get them and i'll just be late to practice if its a resonable time?

Running bare foot is good for you.

Haha ok. well then i will need shorts spandex a shirt and my sports bra that is in the back of the car

Just wear your underwear, lots of flexibility.
Spankies were so last week.
You have a shirt on.
And just tighten your bra.
Jeeze can't you ever solve your own problems?

hahah. Yeah. Friends for life.(:

Love ya cutie!

P.S. My car is no longer sick.(: