Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day Sixteen: Inspirational.

Day Sixteen: A picture of someone who inspires you.

So I really went with family on all of this. Because I know them better than celebrities. Because there are more secrets to celebrities than there are to family who I have been around for a while.
Get it? Hahah.

So anyway, I picked my pop. He is inspirational to me because um... He just gets a lot done. He is very smart. And has done a lot with his life. He has written a book, written songs, gone through a lot of schooling, works hard, been on T.V. multiple times. And people respect him.
If you were in Miss Ormes English class this past semester, or you have just read "The Death of a Sales Man" think of it like this "He is liked, well liked."

And I was looking at a little summary that was on the Law Offices webpage that he works at and here are some things from it. I am just impressed. So proud to have him as my dad.

George is the son of immigrant parents from Mexico, converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Although raised in a Spanish-speaking home, he also speaks English and German. He earned BA and MA degrees in Political Science from Brigham Young University, and MAPP and Ph.D. degrees in Political Science / Public Policy from the Claremont Graduate University. He has worked as a statistical analyst, programmer analyst, public policy analyst, and a research analyst in the Research Information Division at LDS Church Headquarters. He and his wife are the parents of 16 children.

So it was a short day at school today. Around one in the afternoon Jared came and picked me up from school and we went out to lunch, bowling, and for a walk around the Provo temple. It was great to be around him. And to hear him just talk. I swear he hasn't talked that much in the six years(?) that he has been my neighbor. I enjoy being around him. Such a unique personality. And I know he will make a wonderful missionary when he leaves in just a couple weeks.