Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day Five: Memories. AND MORE!!

Day Five: A picture of your favorite memory.

Oh boy. I hate it when people ask me what my favorite something is. Because I can never decide! So here are three picture of three of my favorite memories.

Samuel, Stuart, and I.
I love these boys. We used to hang out all the time and it made me so happy. They are my best friends. This picture reminds me of one of the many good times we have had. We went to hike the Y here in provo and it was in the middle of February. It was so cold! We stepped in some snow and just sank down. It was so fun. On our way down it was sort of like skiing without skis. Thanks to other hikers the snow was patted down and a little slick so we just slid down on our feet... And I ended up sliding down on my rear end quite a bit. Such great times.

Joshua, Me, Emma, Maria, Mara, and Gabrielle.
This is in Rose Hills Cemetery in California. This is my brothers grave. Every time I am in California I always ask if we can fit this in our schedule, to go visit my brothers grave. It always bring a bit of piece and comfort to me when I am there. I have many other family members buried there. But I always think "I just want to go see Benjamins grave." I feel this is when our family is closest together.

David, Emma, Joshua, Kaytlyn, Gabrielle, Mara, Leah and Maria.
This picture was taken at Huntington Beach in California. Some of my siblings got together and just went on a trip as just "friends." It was so great. We just got to relax and make our own plans instead of having parents decide the plans. It was like a real vacation. This was back in April, and it was super cold. I don't think Huntington Beach is ever warm(: But I loved it. It was definitely a blast.

So there you go! Favorite memories.(:

So it is January 1, 2012!!! Can you believe it? Another year. Wow. Well, I hate to say it... But in a way I sort of have new years resolutions. And one of them is to keep up with blogging. I don't know why but it has been such a challenge for me. But my schedule gets sort of insane!
So blogging here I come!
Every day. And I hope to take a picture of something that says a thousand words about the day. And possibly a quote and song of the day. But lets not commit to too much and not be able to reach it right? So starting with just committing to blogging.(:

So today I have to tell you. I am sooooo excited! And this is why...

Jared is coming home!
Well he is coming... Or he is already here... Either way he is going to be in Provo!!! Ahh!!! I can't tell you how excited I am. This is all I have been able to think about for days! I love Jared he is so incredible and has treated me so well ever since he moved here from Hawaii and we became friends. I adore his whole family, and it was so sad when they moved to spend a year in Jerusalem. But I was so happy at the same time, because lets all be honest, that is such a great experience and opportunity! But boy am I happy that Jared will be back here for a bit before he leaves in February to serve the Lord through a Latter Day Saint Mission in Massachusetts!!
This boy is amazing.
So totally thrilled that it is January 1st. Just cause he is going to be here.(: