Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day Fifteen: Before Death I Do.

Day Fifteen: A picture of something you want to do before you die.

It is true. I really want to get married before I die. But only if I find the right guy.
And yes, I know what I want in a guy.
I am pretty sure I listed some things I would like in a guy already.
But some are:
Gotta look dang good in a suit! (hahahahahahahah kiddingish.)
Honors his priesthood./Worthy priesthood holder.
Treats me like he loves me.

I have this fear that I will never get married. Like seriously.

So that is it. Just fall in love and get married.(:

So ready for this?
There was a debate competition in December, and I got fourth place at the competition in Original Oratory. And guess what? First place gets a trophy, second and third get metals, and fourth fifth and sixth (I think sixth) get just a piece of paper saying they got that place. So I got forth, and I was sorta bummed, but then just glad I placed.
And then in Debate today my coach came up to me and was like "Um. You actually got second place in the December competition. I am getting you a metal." They people made a mistake! I really got second place! I was soooo happy to hear that!!!!

I had J-Dawgs for lunch. Ugh. That stuff is good.(:

So a normal day in the life of Leah Anne?
Well here it is...

Dad comes in at 6 and tells me to get up.
At 6:10-6:15 Maria gets up and out of bed and goes into the bathroom to change and do her hair.
6:20 I reply to text messages.
6:30 I get out of bed. Groan about the back pain. Feel a little motion sickness. Walk up stairs and find something to eat.
6:45-7:10 I get all ready for the day.
7:15 need to be gone for school.
7:30-2:15 School.
2:30-6:00 run errands, pick people up, drop people off, eat, chill.
7:00 rest. Relax. stop feeling sick.
9:00 phone conversations.
10:00 T.V. with peter, or bed.