Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day nineteen: Picture and Letter

Day nineteen: A picture and a letter.

Well... I wasn't exactly sure where to go with this post. But this is what I chose.
A picture and a letter put together equals a picture of letters. And that is just what I am doing. Above are a bunch of cards and letters I have kept throughout the years. I have cards for birthdays, condolences, thank you's, valentines day, Christmas. And I have letters from Soldiers, missionaries, teachers, neighbors and friends on study abroad. Probably more categories than that but yeah...

I love letters. I love receiving notes. And I love going home and finding a letter for me on the table. For the first time almost two weeks ago I mailed my very first letter. Don't get me wrong, I have written a lot of letters. But I have never put a stamp on it and sent it out myself. I have always had someone else do that. But for the first time I put a stamp on it and took it to the post office. It was awesome(: ... But apparently the person still hasn't gotten it yet. Darn. Hahah.

I feel like there is more to a hand written letter than there is to an email or text. Writing it out really seems to let the thoughts fly. And I feel like it shows a lot more personality. I love letters. I wish I wrote more. There is nothing like opening up an envelope and reading through a very heart felt letter.

Well nothing else to say. Sort of a long day...
I did go to Rylands mission farewell today. Boy did he look good, he looked so prepared. I hope he will enjoy his mission and remember why he is out there. What a great guy.

Well Goodnight.