Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Its snowing.

Snow falling gently
Upon the ground
Children sing carols
All through the town
Families are gathering...

Families are gathering. Sigh.

It has been quite the December for me.
And I have to admit, I don't think it has been my favorite.
In the past week I have been sick and lost 8lbs.
No fun.

I did make it out to Salt Lake to see the Christmas Lights on Temple Square...
And I have to admit it wasn't as great as I thought it would be...
But I can't wait to sing on Temple Square this Thursday.

Yesterday I went to my sisters choir performance at the mall.
It was great to talk with Mike during the performance.
But before he and I started talking a young girl came up to me and grabbed my hand with her warm little fingers and took a soft tug.
I looked down to a tiny, red headed beautiful toddler, who smiled showing her very tiny teeth and said "You're pretty!! Like Snow White!" And then went running off.

Oh my heart just melted. It was so sweet.
And then I remembered a dream I had years and years ago. And ever since then, I have been afraid of Snow White. She became the worst princess to me.
But that is okay.
A compliment is a compliment right?
So cute.

I love watching people try to parallel park.

While driving this morning I had so much running through my head.
I drove by the Provo Temple and thought I would just park in the lot near the missionary field and look up to the temple and just think.
But it just didn't feel... Right... Today.
Oh well.
I loved driving and watching the snow fall.
Who would have thought that I would be happy to see the snow?
It was so graceful though, gently and slowly falling to the ground as soft carols played on the radio in the background.

What happened to true holiday cheer?
The holiday cheer that came from the love you have of being with family, and the simple joy of carolers singing Silent Night in the winter cold.

"I Sing Noel" has been stuck in my head for nearly two weeks now.
Here are the lyrics, and my favorite parts in bold.

(Some children see Him lily white
The baby Jesus born this night
Some children see Him lily white
With dresses of their faith)

I sing Noel, I sing Noel for children
For all little children who have no Christmas tree
I sing Noel, Noel, Noel
For little girls who have no pretty dress to wear
Little boys who have no teddy bears
[ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/b/bing_crosby/i_sing_noel.html ]
I sing Noel, I sing Noel for children
For all lonely children who cry on Christmas Eve
I sing Noel, Noel, Noel
For little girls whose hands are trembling in the cold
Little boys whose eyes are too slow

May the new born Savior
Turn His tender face to you
May He help us all
To make this world a better place for you

I sing Noel, I sing Noel for children
For all little children who have no Christmas tree
Let's all sing Noel, rings the bells of Christmas
For all lonely children wherever they may be
Noel, Noel, come spend Christmas with me
Noel, Noel, come spend Christmas with me

I sing Noel
I sing Noel
I sing Noel

You know who I love? Richard Paul Evans.
He is my favorite author and there hasn't been a single book of his that I have read and didn't like.
I love them all.
I have him as a friend on Facebook and he is so down to earth.
Every Tuesday he updates his status to be "calling all grateful" and encourages everyone to like it, or comment on it with something you are grateful for. Every Tuesday. Can you believe that? I love being able to see that, because whether or not I comment, it really makes me wonder what I am extra grateful for today.

I love good people.