Wednesday, December 28, 2011

For Behold... Another Challenge.

The FACEBOOK 30 Day Challenge... On blogger.

Ready for this?
Quite a few people have been telling me to do this 30 day event but I already have way too many photo albums on FACEBOOK.
And people have been telling me to get back into blogging.
So figured I would cheat and just do the challenge here.
I hope that is okay with all of you.(:

Here we go.

Upload a photo of yourself with ten facts.

  1. My name wasn't Leah when I left the Hospital after being born.
  2. I cracked my chin open, and still have a scar.
  3. I love singing.
  4. I am the 12th of 16 biological children.
  5. I want to be a Nanny in New York.
  6. I love speaking in Public.
  7. I am self conscious about my photography.
  8. I love doing service.
  9. One day I hope to go to Italy.
  10. I have yet to make my parents proud.