Friday, December 16, 2011

Call me crazy.

I love life.
This was my week schedule:
Sunday: Sick.
Monday: Sick.
Tuesday: Sick.
Wednesday: Sick. White Elephant Party.
Thursday: Sick. A Cappella Performance.
Friday: Sick. A Cappella Performance. AND Debate Competition.
Saturday: Shop for Foster Children, Debate, Party.
Who'd of thought huh?

Oh the joys.
Sometimes being sick has its benefits though.
... Oh heck. Who am I kidding, it is never fun!

I love performing at temple square. Oh my goodness! What a fabulous experience. Sure it wasn't our best performances, but just being out there was wonderful.
The other secretaries and I went to see the statue of Christ in the north visitors center and to be honest, it was pretty cool.
There were obviously so many people out there, so it was kinda just eh. But it is a pretty cool idea and area.

And today I asked Mr. Larson if I could take the spot of a girl who is leaving, for second semester in Madrigals!
But he said I was about sixth in line. Which means that every girl in A Cappella, and their brothers girlfriend is wanting the spot.
But crossing my fingers!
It will be okay either way though. I won't be upset.

Well it has been a crazy November and December. So much has been going on and there has been so much that needed to be done.
But no need to fear, I will become better with posting come the close of this holiday season.(:

I love you all and I just love reading the emails!
So thank you so much for the support, love and kindness.

And have a fabulous weekend!