Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Terribly Terrific

I woke up at 2:40 and was feeling so sick.
So of course I decide that Chocolate Milk will make it all better.
Ever notice how in the middle of the day your floor never squeaks?
But at the wee hours of the night there doesn't seem to be a squeakless spot?
Well that is how it was.
In my room.
Down the hall.
Down the stairs.
In the kitchen.
And in the dining room.
And just when I think I have stepped in a spot where it doesn't squeak... It just randomly squeaks.
Needless to say, my Dad walked down the stairs and into the kitchen just minutes later asking me if I was doing okay and needed anything.
I got my glass of milk and thought "Ha, I feel bad for that poor sucker that will wake up in the morning and decide they want milk but there won't be enough left so they will have to walk out to the fridge in the garage to get more."
... Yeah. That poor sucker was me this morning.

And thus started the bad day.
English class can be good... And really annoying too. Today it was more on the annoying side.
When I can't comment on the discussion, because I feel like everyone else is speaking a different language, that qualifies as an annoying day.
About half hour into class I went home. I was not feeling good and just not in the mood for anything.

When I got home I noticed my Mom was still there. Come to find out, she took the day off from work.
I could just hear in my head the conversation that would take place after I would walk inside.
"Leah what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in class? Are you ditching?" -Mom
"No mom. I do not need to be in class right now. And what kind of teenager ditches class at their house when they know people will be there?" -Leah Anne
I walked inside and got asked those same questions, but just said I didn't need to be in class and that I came home to do laundry.

I got all my pants together and a lot of shirts and put some laundry in the upstairs wash, and the downstairs washer. So nice being able to get two loads done at the same time... My mom made sure I appreciated that today.

Well about an hour or so later I left for class.
On my way to class I ran into someone who was coming by the school to bring me flowers and Jamba Juice. So kind.
I took the flowers to a girl who was in the school play and I thought she could use them to brighten her day.
Then I took the Jamba and set off for my class.
There was nothing for me to do though so I just sat in the back room and tried to figure out a Rubik's Cube.
I hate those things.

When debate class rolled around I got really excited.
But I didn't like the class today.
I thought it would be like everyone other class period after competition.
But it wasn't. It was long. And boring. And I just didn't want to be there.
Which was odd because I love being in class.

When it came time for lunch I walked out to the seminary building to sing with the Seminary Choir. It was our first practice with the music. Our performance in January seems so far away. But I am sure that it will come and go very fast.

Joe was texting me during lunch and said he had taken his brothers out to lunch and asked if I wanted anything. Of course since I wasn't feeling well I asked for a sprite.
He was very kind and brought it to me and I didn't open it for about another hour and a half when I was waiting in my car in the parking lot for my siblings.

It had been in my bag for about seven steps when I took it out so that it wouldn't be too shaken up.
Well I opened it up and BOOM!
Sprite squirted everywhere!!!
All over my school bag, all over my A Cappella folder, all over my phone, all over my shirt and pants and my steering wheel and the center consul and the side of my door AND even the passengers seat.

... Speechless.

I was not angry. Which sounds odd.
But I just was shocked.
I could not believe how much of it got everywhere.
It was really just unbelievable.
In the end it looked like I pee'd my pants, and I needed to use a disinfectant wipe to clean off the steering wheel and stuff. And OH here is where doing my laundry comes in.
All of my pants were still sitting in the wash, so they are soaked.
And now the jeans I was wearing have sprite all over them.
So I have to wear sweats.
Life. Rocks.
I want to have a good night.
Hopefully a date is in store.
We will see.