Monday, November 7, 2011

Speechlessly Talkative.

I seriously have nothing to say.

But I could talk for hours about nothing.

Not been a good week.

So sick of everything and miss my old friends.

So lets just stick with the no comment.

Because in all seriousness, I am so sick of everyone.

I miss the good times.

I need to start working more.

This life is a C-.

Just barely getting by.

Give me a break.

Everything will be okay.

Been hurting a lot.

Kinda frustrated with the family situation.

But you know what?

Everything is going to work out.

I am so so grateful for my good friends and for all they do for me.

A lot of choir and vocal practices this month.

Performances are all in December.

I can't wait.

But so much work.

One more debate competition on the 19th and then I am out of the state!

I can't wait to be in California.

I hope I will have free time.

And I really hope I will not be sick.

Going to be in California this month, January, February, and May.



I at least hope all those work.

Well goodnight.