Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Guess who got really excited to go to the cabin for Halloween?
And then guess who didn't go to the cabin?
Yup me. Ugh!

Now guess who got sooooooo sooooooo excited to go to California?
And now guess who is NOT going to California?
Yup. That would be me.
(And Maria.)
Ugh I (... We) are so mad!
I am so bummed.
But hopefully it will all be okay.
And maybe just maybe I can go out there in January and February!!
But we will see.
I am soooo bummed. ):
I was just telling my friends earlier today about the plans for California and then I saw my mom and she said "oh by the way, you aren't going." So yeah. Bummed. But whatever... /:

Oh and the other thing is that I don't think I will be able to get a book signed by Richard Paul Evans.
So the end of this year is sorta going down hill...

So much stress.
Next week I have to move everything out of my room and into a new one.
And I have competition.
But no California for Thanksgiving. /:
Sigh. Sad sad day.

I went and payed for my Traffic Ticket today.
And traffic school is later this week.
Timpview Football goes to state tomorrow!
And veterans assembly is on Friday and A 'Cappella is singing in that.
I feel sick this week but doing just grrrrand!!!
A little on the not trusting anyone side.
And I am so bummed about California!