Saturday, November 5, 2011

I'm Back.

Wow. I haven't been able to post since Wednesday!

It has been a crazy week.

Wednesday evening I went to the East Lake Care Center and helped out with arts and crafts and singing to the residents.

Then Thursday was such a long day. I did not like it very much.
It was a long morning, I went to do Seminary make-up during third period which was pretty chill.

And then this was the first time that A 'Cappella seemed like it was dragging on.
Amber and Kiana gave me the cutest and sweetest cards ever.
They are so so so wonderful.
I was called to the office to talk with someone and went back to A 'Cappella crying. SO DUMB!
Then after the class period ended I stayed in during lunch for Forgotten Carols practice and I am way excited for it!
After I checked out my music at the end Adam told me a story and then gave me a hug and it totally helped out my day a lot.

This was my first time going to my seventh period.
I am a TA for my English teacher and I got everything done really fast, but Joshua took my set of car keys at lunch because he forgot his, so I couldn't leave after I finished everything. So I just had to sit in her office and practice my Debate Speech for an hour. SO LAME.

So lets see... Friday...
I did not want to go to school at all.
I wore a skirt and my cow girl boots and that was fun!
So I went to English for about 45 minutes. Then to a Funeral viewing. Then home. Then to my 4th Period T.A. class. And Joe R. is such an awesome guy! I am so glad he is a T.A. with me during 4th now. He is so fun.
After that class I went to Debate for about ten minutes (at the most) and then she said "So um... what do you want to do? Just go to lunch?" So I said sure and went to get Joshua and he drove me home. I changed, started some wash, cut up a bunch of vegetables, an apple, and cheese squares, then I went to my moms work.

Her work had people come to give the workers families Flu shots. So I went and got mine and they gave me a really childish awesome band-aid.
I really don't mind shots. I think that the needles kinda sketch me out. But other than that I really don't have an issue. They don't hurt or anything.

I went from my Moms work to Timpview to leave for competition. That is right. Debate competition was last night. And I still didn't have my speech memorized.
But when we got going at least half the people in each room didn't have their speech memorized. So I felt a little better.

There were four rounds I had to compete in. In each round there was 5-6 people competing.
These were my rankings:
Round 1: 1st
Round 2: 3rd
Round 3: 2nd
Round 4: 1st

So not too bad for my first competition ever, right?
Over all I ended up getting 5th place.
And did not receive a medal.
But that is okay. I will just have to do better next time!

This morning I was so tired. But I was really happy to go to the temple with three of my sisters.
We went just after nine and it was an awesome new experience.
I forgot my recommend so I had to go back home and they all went ahead.
When I got back and was walking up to the temple I saw my Elementary School Best Friend, Paige, and her younger sister as well as another Elementary friend Taetum. They had just finished doing baptisms and looked so gorgeous! Love the girls.
They said that I just missed the rush and they thought it was dying down.
But when I walked inside I saw a line of people on the stairs!
It was way packed and crazy.
But a wonderful experience.
My long time neighbor, Josh P. ended up being there too. And guess what?!
He ended up confirming AND baptizing me!
Isn't that crazy?
I thought it was... (:
The little computer thingy that shows you the name of the person you are being baptized for broke and so we had to do it old school. Which rocked!

Now I am home and so tired but hopefully I will be able to take a nap and wake up a little for the Hockey game at 3:45!!! So excited!!!

Sorry for the up to date post.
And I need to post the people for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So I will but you will have to look back to those days. I will get that done by Tuesday because I need to get pictures with the people! Sorry sorry. But everything will be taken care of.(:

Love you all!