Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Love You Mother!!!

I did not get out of bed until about nine fifteen. Lazy? I think yes.
But I was up like all night.
This morning was awful. I just didn't feel up for anything.

So I was cleaning upstairs, and my Mom came in and said "Okay here is Lost December (By Richard Paul Evans) but to get it signed you have to come with me to Sam's Club next week."

I had been getting ready to go out and help rake leaves and I was in a super grumpy mood.
My Mum could not of walked in with that AMAZING surprise at a better time.
My mood went from grumpy troll under the bridge to a little kid on a Christmas Morning.
I was seriously soooo excited!
Except when my Mum pulled off the sticker it pulled off the color on the front cover and that was way sad. But not her fault. Oh well though. Cause now I have the new book AND I will be getting it signed next week.
I thought my Mum was going to be in California the day that Richard Paul Evans would be in Provo but she said today that she should be here. So I can't wait!!!
Ah! I am so excited.

So Mum... I love you!!! Thanks a million!!!