Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Horribly Sorry.

Can I just express my excitement for Richard Paul Evans to be in Provo signing books?
Oh I love this Author.
He is definitely my favorite.
And I am so tempted to buy his book and get it signed, even though I don't exactly have the extra cash to just go around buying his book right after being released to be signed.
I just completely admire him.
I love his writing.

Okay so the title is "Horribly Sorry" and that is because of my posts.
They have been soooo lame.
And not consistent.
I was very excited about the daily Thank You posts but then people were being rude and dumb that I almost set my blog to private.
That is why my posts haven't been consistent.
So sorry to all those who keep emailing me asking to be more consistent and what not.
I love you all.
And I will be getting back up on my feet soon.
I promise!
Sorry to keep you waiting.

So I am hoping tomorrow will be a fabulous day.
I am going to be signing up for Traffic school tomorrow.
My parents were most definitely not happy about my traffic ticket.
But neither was I.
So traffic school in Payson before the end of the month? Yes.

My debate coach decided that she doesn't want to go to the debate competition on the 19th. But that she wants to go on the 18th. She doesn't want to go the 19th because she doesn't feel like anyone will wake up.
So guess who has to drive out to Salem all by them self to compete?
Yup, me.
Yay... UGH!

Yesterday and Today it was fun to sit with Maria and Joe watching the boys try out for the Timpview Basketball Team.
I really hope Joshua keeps doing well!
He is so good!
Today I took Maria out to get JCW's and I bought Joshua a Burger too. Just to make sure he would eat something yummy before try outs. Best sister ever huh? ;)

So California is coming up.
And it really looks like it is going to be such a stressful trip with almost no free time.
Is that lame, or super lame?
I am going to have to go with SUPER LAME!

So starting on Monday, every post will be better.
No worries everyone!
Keep the emails and comments coming.

I want to go horse back riding.