Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 5: Paige Handley

I have a way old picture of Paige and I from sixth grade but other than that I have nooo pictures.

Paige and I were best friends from fourth grade to sixth grade.

I always wanted to be with Paige.

We seriously spent so much time together.

Even to this day I just laugh about the good times.

Paige would call almost every day and we would talk for a very long time on the phone.

And if we weren't on the phone talking, chances are we were hanging out with each other or at school with each other.

I love everything about this girl.

It is because of her that my favorite number is three.

And because of her that I know how to double dutch jump rope.

The summer after we graduated from sixth grade she went to England and we sorta lost our relationship.

I took a wrong turn and by the time she came back we weren't talking.

I am still sooo upset about that.

Paige threw me a surprise birthday party when I was in Sixth grade too.

Ahh! Just so many random memories.

I always loved being around Paige.

To this day she is still the best friend I have ever had.

I love you Paige. And I am so glad to see how awesome you have continued to make your life.
Best of luck to you in everything. You are amazing!!!