Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4: Christine Standish

Oh dear heavens.

I love this girl.

She moved here from Connecticut when I was in Middle School and we had Science with Mrs.
Bigney together.

I loved sitting next to Christine. She goes by Chris and has THE BEST LAUGH EVER.

She cracks me up.

We always talked and ALWAYS got away with it.

She seriously helped me make it through middle school.

I would definitely say Christine is Unique. In an awesome way.

She has the best personality and never fails to make me laugh.

We sorta lost contact after middle school, but we still go to High School together.

I guess we lost contact because we didn't have classes together for years.

It wasn't until this year that we had a class together.

But still she would always say hi to me in the halls.

She is sooooooooooooo drop dead gorgeous.

And too easy to love.

She makes friends so easily.

And I am so grateful to be able to know her.

I love ya Christine!