Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2: Josh Ludlow.

Meet Josh Ludlow.
(In the BYU hoody.)

Josh is unbelievable. He moved into my neighborhood when I was going into seventh grade (I think?) and he had long hair! Okay... It only went to like his chin... but still, long! I thought he was going to end up being really shy but he is definitely far from that.

This boy... I don't even know what to say! I just love him so much! Josh is one of those rare boys that meets the description of a "Prince Charming."
You just can't help but love him.

Josh is handsome, funny, thoughtful, smart, creative, sweet, awesome awesome awesome and AMAZING!

I have loved every second of being neighbors with him.
He is so much fun and has the cutest dang smile ever and he is so nice!
I love watching him play with his little sisters because he is just so kind and loving to them. And you can always tell that he is completely sincere.

That is just the big thing with Josh, he is kind.
Always making friends with anyone and everyone.

He is also super talented and an awesome ball player.
I am so sad that he is away for the year, but I can't wait for him to come back and I know he is having an awesome time in Israel.
He always makes me smile.

Last year I would drive him to school, I am sure it drove him crazy that we were always running late, but he always kept his cool and never complained. Always showing a good attitude.
I owe him so much for his patience.

Thank you Josh for being an awesome friend.
You are the best of the best.
Thanks for the memories.