Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wasting time I don't have.

If I had time to waste, I would waste it.
But I don't have time to waste...
So I am wasting time I shouldn't be wasting.
Got it?

Last night I talked on the phone for 50 minutes and 14 seconds with a friend.
I had just decided at 9:30 that I would go to bed.
And just as I switched off the light my phone began to buzz.
The phone conversation was totally worth it though.

I am trying so hard to keep my mind off a boy. Because once you like one and he is constantly on your mind there is no turning back. So that is the point that I am at. And the sad part? Don't know what to do. Just stuck at this point. Can't move forward, and can't move back. Just gotta wait. Why did I have to fall so hard and so fast?

Sorry Hyrum, I know I told you I wouldn't say anything about boys. But can't help it! I'm a girl!

So I am in Debate. And holy wow. I have gotten so much done on my debate speech, but I still have a long ways to go. I don't even have a full rough draft done. But today my coach read through what I had and she said "Wow, you sound like a profession! This is going to be amazing, I can't wait for you to perform this!"
Well it is official. I signed my name saying that I would be performing at the competition on November 4th in Lehi. That means I better get this done. Because memorizing it is going to be a pain.
Any super speedy memorizing techniques you guys have? Email me.(:

So turns out I might not be able to go to California with my family. A little bummed out.
Oh and I need to raise money for my A 'Cappella spring tour.
Ahh!!! This is sooooooooo out of control.

It has been a hard week so far. I need to have an awesome weekend or I am going to be soooooo bummed. I could definitely use a hug. Or a movie night just chilling on the couch.

So a question I was asked through email:
When you are having a bad day what do you do to cheer yourself up?

I used to be horrible at this! I used to just sit around and ignore people and what not. But I think I have gotten MUCH MUCH better.
Bad days are annoying. But I have gotten really good at showing a thankful heart for the good things that do happen.
While in a down mood you mainly notice the negative. But every day has some good in it.
Like the sun shining. Your car turning on. Your teachers showing up to class (I know not everyone thinks that is good ;D) Um what else...
I have had a bad week so I have a lot of these little things on my mind. Just make sure you always remember that we have good parts in our day.
If your having a bad day take a few minutes to notice the little things. It makes a huge difference. It has helped to change my life.

I love this website. And so should you.

Going to the Timpview Band Concert tonight.
Last minute concert report for A 'Cappella. Ha. I am such a slacker.