Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vacation time is coming up!

Oh. My. Goodness.
Okay... So I don't know if we are still going, because the weather is CrAzY! But in two weeks I hope to be at a cabin in Spanish Fork Canyon just hanging out, four wheeling and having a blast with my family.

Then I think I am hanging out just in Spanish Fork and Provo/Oremish in November.

December consists of a lot of performances around Utah! Heck yeah!

January is undecided.

February might be hecka crazy! Because it is seriously like 3% sure (only because it has been discussed twice... So far!) But I might have the chance to go to (drum roll please...) Texas! hahah. Sounds lame right? But nope. Not when you go because you are being payed for, and you get to go to a Rodeo, AND hear an awesome Elder give his first talk after coming home from a mission! Ahh!!!!

Okay and then March is Laaaaammmmmmeeeeeeee

And April I don't really know.

But then bum ba da dump dum duuuuummmmmm!!!! May!!!!!!
I might be going to California for a different missionary. Because he is AWESOME. And chyeah. And then I would go do other things because California rocks!

Oh oh oh! I think in November Kaytlyn and I and maybe some other people... With drive to St. George and maybe (huge maybe!) to Vegas to see the LDS Temples. Sawweeeeetttt!

And that is just a bunch of random stuff.(:

I got another bouquet of flowers today! They were purple. And smelt good.
And the choir concert is tonight at 7:30! ahhh!!!