Monday, October 17, 2011

Typical Monday.

Joshua played basketball today, so we were late to school.
Since I was already going to be late, and my teacher doesn't mark people late I went to fill up my car at Wills Pit Stop.
The guy who was filling up in front of me offered to pay for me if I would go on a date with him.
Heck. To. The. NO!
He looked like he was at least 27. Sketchy...

I was late to English and in a very blah mood. I slept through at least half of the class.
My T.A. Period was really mellow and helpful. And that is when I got my cow girl pictures. He also helped a lot to advise me on how to get my Original Oratory performance ready.

Debate was great. I had finally woken up and was ready to argue. But I really didn't get much done.

Maria made me take her to the bank during lunch. And then we went to grab shakes at Sammy's. Tony was working and it was nice to just chat with him for a few minutes while we waited for our shakes. He is a great guy.

8th period was lame.
Except! While I walked over to the building a cute little boy held open the door for me. Such a sweet guy. I am still smiling about it.(:

But still, I am in a bad mood.
Today is lame.
So no comments really.