Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tomato Salad

I am pretty bummed that I wasn't able to try out to do a Veterans Speech.
But maybe I will get lucky and still be able to try out some other time.

A 'Cappella class is amazing.
I love listening to the boys sing.

Got my hair fixed up today. Thank goodness!

I love having connections.

So for part of dinner we had a salad. And I hate hate HATE tomatoes.
So as I dished out my Salad I completely avoided the tomatoes.
I was also the last person to grab food.
Joshua went back for seconds and all that was left in the salad bowl was tomatoes.
And guess what? He dumped all the tomatoes onto his plate and ate them!
Soooo gross!
But it was funny. What a trooper.

I went to Emma's sixth grade play today. So funny to watch. They are all so young.
She had to play a guys part.

Maria, Gabrielle and I went to the Timpview Orchestra concert.
Sorry everyone, but I enjoyed the Band concert more...

Joshua just told me a joke from today.
Mrs. Mason: Girls are better at reading/listening between the lines.
Joshua: Yeah but guys are better at driving between the lines.

So mean.

So I had the dumbest conversation at dinner.
I will post that some day that I am bored.

So I need everyones help.
I am going to apply for a $40,000 scholarship. A LOT OF MONEY!
It is for photography.
The help?
I need to take six picture that will tell a story.
So I need help deciding.
The winner of the scholarship last year took six pictures telling a story of a boy who fought five years against cancer and ended with him losing the battle.
So these pictures have to be intense.
I just need a story line.
So send emails to
or send me a facebook message.
or text!
I need ideas.
This is going to be quite the project.
Love you all!