Monday, October 24, 2011

So Typical

You know how people say Mondays are the worst day of the week?
Well I didn't believe that until today.
Lets just skip the details.
My car wouldn't start.
I may or may not have gotten a ticket >.<
And I got a poor grade on a test.

Awesome Monday right?

But I got a lot done today. So that is an up.

So I got a bunch of emails this weekend and I will have to answer all the questions on here this week. I will for sure have them answered by Sunday. Thank you for the emails. I love them.

I will answer the first one right now.

"Leah have you ever liked a boy that doesn't like you back? What do you do? Should I push to date him or wait and see what happens? HELP! He is so cute....."

Okay. I have to say, I think this is so funny. I love the emails.
But I hardly ever get any about dating! So love it.

Just random funny because I feel like I am in this situation,
where I like a boy but not so sure how he feels about me right now. You just wish he would flat out say that he likes you right? Ha but it doesn't always work that way. And no worries, you aren't alone.(:

All I have to say though, is if you snooze you lose.

Don't be clingy and annoying because no one likes that. But just make sure you keep in touch? And don't act like you are too cool for them and don't have time.

Just see what you can do about getting a date. I might even initiate planning to hang out. But if it doesn't work the first time don't be upset. Give it time. Everyone is different.

Sorry for the lame answer. Just be patient and everything could work out.(:

Best of luck.