Sunday, October 16, 2011

P.S. Chocolate Milk.

So Saturday morning my mom was making a shopping list and I just so happened to be in her living room playing a card game with my younger sister Maria when she asked if there was anything we didn't have and needed that wasn't on her shopping list yet.
I of course told her "Mom. You need to get chocolate milk. We have been out of it for months."
She laughed and kind of seemed to ignore me. And then all of a sudden, over 24 hours later I go looking in her fridge and guess what I find? CHOCOLATE MILK!!!
She actually got it! I just laughed and asked if I could have some. And guess what?
I probably had a total of almost two glasses of chocolate milk. But those two glasses were split up between seven cups. Impressive? I think yes.(:
I shared my first cup with my nephew Milo.
My second cup had about an inch of chocolate milk in it.
My third one was half a cup.
And the rest was very very little.
So hopefully none of my siblings pay attention to this or else they will say "Ugh! You are wasting cups. YOU have to do the dishes!!!" Because that would be a bummer.

But the point is...
Thank you mother dearest for buying chocolate milk.(:

Tonight I was able to go over to my brother Michaels house and I talked with him and Erin for about 40 minutes. And that really rocked. Even though I feel bad because it was 8 o'clock and they were just barely able to start dinner and since they talked to me it got cold. I felt way bad!
But I love talking with my brother.

After that I went and helped out with a seating chart, and saw and went on a walk with Gabe and that was really nice.

Then I stopped by my brother Hyrums house to talk with him and his wife just for fun. And I got to hold one of the twins. So that was great! I always love talking with them. Hyrum is such a great brother. He has always looked out for me and I just love him. The other day after my choir concert he didn't come up and push me around or tease me, but he came up and gave me a real hug. And that is exactly what I needed. It was so nice. He is a great example to me.

Just seconds after walking inside my house and hanging up my keys Dylan called. Just to check up and what not. It was nice to talk on the phone with him for half hour while he semi payed attention while playing pool too. But it was great to hear from him and how his day went.

Um. I need to update the Recapturing Beauty stuff. I am nearly done with it.
So I will post those to the right days and you will have to just go through and find them. So yeah... Sorry.

Um. Well I guess that's all folks!