Monday, October 3, 2011

Picture Pricing

Hey everyone I am just posting this again for all those who keep asking.
Here is the list of Picture Pricing until January 1, 2012.
If you schedule a Photo session with me before January 1, 2012 for a date after the new year then it is still the discount price.
But as soon as you schedule after the new year the prices will be up.
Did you get that?
Any appointments scheduled in 2011 for a date in 2012 will still be a discount.
But if you schedule in 2012 you get the 2012 pricing.
Here are the prices again:

Senior Pictures!

Heads up everyone!
I am doing senior pictures.
There are Fall, WINTER and Spring photo shoots.
I wasn't planning on doing winter but so many people have asked.
For one session it is $45.00.
And for the Fall and Spring package session you pay $50 up front for the first session
and $15 in the spring. You will be saving $35.00
So a total of $65.00 is the discount.

Not to talk it up, but guys! This is a great deal!
I have come in contact with many photographers, even beginners who are charging $250.00+ for an hour photography session.
So $65.00? Not a big deal at all!
Hit me up if you are interested!
But you need to contact me soon. Because prices will be going back up in the next few months.

Contact me by Facebook
Or text 801.850.2809

Thank you to everyone for the support.
And I am soooo excited to be taking more senior pictures!

Now lets not forget the other photo shoots I am doing!
Remember, all prices are for an hour and a half photo session. Each additional half hour will be $15.00

I am doing Maternity pictures for $40.00
(Description: This is pretty simple. You as a pregnant woman pretty much have the say. They can be outdoors, in your home, or with back drop. You can change up to three times too, if you wish.)

Family Pictures for $150.00 - $300
(The price is $150 for the parents and up to three children. The price increases with each additional person. Email me for the details. These pictures are normally outdoors, or in specified buildings depending on the families opinion. I am very good with working out exactly what the family wants.)

Kids for $40.00
(Unless you email me and we arrange a different price this is $40 for portraits of each child. These are normally outdoors, or with back drop. Props are always welcomed or provided if asked.)

New Born for $60.00
(For each baby it is $60 unless discussed otherwise. Mainly back drop. Unless otherwise suggested. Props are welcomed, and can also be provided.)

Engagements/ couples pictures for $80.00
(Name the place. Mainly outdoors.)

And just any random portraits are $35.00 right now.
(I only do hour long photo shoots for random portraits. Outdoors, or back drop. Each additional half hour is $15.00)

And my new favorite MISSIONARY PICTURES for $30.00
(These are not the mission pictures you send in with your papers! This is just a final photo shoot before you go out into the field for two years. So in other words, these are fancy senior pictures. Email me and we can discuss it. Outdoors, or back drop. Props are welcomed, and can also be provided. The price is only so low because the photo shoot only lasts one hour and I support the LDS Missionaries.)

By the way, yes I do weddings, bridals, grooms, bridesmaids, and events (fundraisers, parties etc.)
You just need to email me to exchange details.
If I do your engagement and wedding pictures it is a package deal.
Email for more information or to schedule an appointment to meet up.

Thank you all.
And have a wonderful day.