Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh the Pain.

Its six o'clock. I wake up and take a deep breath. The pain is unbearable.
When I breathe my chest hurts, along with a pinching in my neck.
My head is throbbing. I have the worst headache... Still.
It hurts to move at all, even to just open my eyes.
I am lying on my stomach. I use my arms to roll over and face the wall.
The pain in my neck gets worse.
I just close my eyes and lay there.
A few minutes later I try to swallow.
The last thing I had before bed was some cough syrup.
And now it hurts to swallow.
"Just help me make it through school today. Please."

I grab the first shirt I see in the closet and throw on an outfit.
I walked into the kitchen knowing I wouldn't find anything that sounded good.
Breakfast drinks, toast, cereal, or oatmeal.
Since I already felt down I chose cereal.
The morning took forever. After getting dressed I lied down on my bed.
I really didn't want to go to debate.
But I did.
I finished getting ready and left.

Being on the debate team is a challenge. I want to be on it. But I don't want to do any of the work. It is so frustrating. But you get out of it what you put into it, right? I finally some what figured out how I will compete. And I thought I would have the performance completely done by today... BUT I barely have an outline done. I don't know how I am going to compete this way.

All day all I have wanted to do was sleep.
But if I show that I am sick I won't be able to go to the Timpview vs. Provo football game tonight. GAH! The things I do.

Sometimes I wish I could control time.