Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh the drive.

Longest day ever.
I have felt like crying ALL day.
What a bummer.
Best phone conversation with Bitton last night.
What a great guy.
Kind of been uneasy ever since yesterday afternoon.
I just thought I would let you all know how excited I am for November.
I have my list of names and I can not wait to get started with the "Honoring Those Who Changed My Life" month.
I am way excited.
And don't worry family, I love you all and you have done so much for me. But I am taking family out of the November project. Sorry!
But don't worry. I will thank you all at a different time.

There are 86,400 Seconds in each day.
It takes two seconds to say thank you.
When are you going to express thanks today?
I feel like people hardly every say thank you sincerely.
That it is mostly used when saying "gee thanks" or "thanks for nothing."
What a bummer.
I love the little things.
Just like that website I mentioned.
I love being able to breathe out of my nose after having a cold.
Or when the birds sing in the morning.
Or seeing the light enter my room.

Ready for another long day.
These happen too often.
Just gotta hold my head high and tell everyone it is the best day ever.

tattoo disappearing.

And 97% chance I am going to California with the fambam.

I hate it when people joke around about cancer.
It drives me crazy.
I think it is so immature.
And I hate that they joke around about it,
and they don't even understand it.
grrrr. It makes me so angry.
Cancer is not a joke.