Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Madness.

So I woke up just before 5 this morning... That sucked.
I was burning up and in a lot of pain so I was awake until about 6:50 and then went back to bed for fifteen minutes.
AP Psychology was great today!
We spent the entire class period working in our groups for our project that is due on Wednesday. GAH! I think we got some things done... I bet the three of us girls drove the boys crazy! There was so much talk about homecoming and... Well everything else. Because us being girls we can cover topics really quickly. So it was a little bit frustrating that we hardly got anything done. But it was so much fun to talk with Lauren and Macall. Hopefully we can finish the project and be ready for it by Wednesday!

I hate Government.
But Adre was way nice today. I feel like this is the first time I have been to class and the teacher hasn't yelled at me. SCORE! But I am sure I will be yelled at tomorrow during lunch when I have to go spend the lunch time in her class. UGH!

A 'Cappella is wonderful.
We finally switched into concert order today! Amber and I were saying "If the concert order doesn't work we are going to cry!" We spent soooo long trying to figure out the best way to set each person up. Thank goodness for Amber! She did so much work. What a saint. I love all the people on the A Cappella comity. They are so great and so much fun. I really want to have an awesome opening social. Not something lame.
And our first concert is on WEDNESDAY! At 7:00pm. My sister is a freshman and in Mixed Chorus. So two of us (along with the rest of A 'Cappella, Mixed Chorus, Concert Chorus, and Madrigals) will be singing Wednesday night. And everyone should come.(:

(Beauty and the beast is kind of a freaky movie.)

Still working on the same song to perform some time at the end of the month. Sooo nervous.

Alright alright already!
Here are a few things that are coming up before the end of the year, and I am so stoked!

1. Recapturing Beauty 10 Day Challenge
This is clearly a 10 day challenge. And I am soooo stoked for it! I will start tonight. And instead of writing it in my journal I will type out the challenge and my response on here as a post. Each post will be named after the challenge, how cleaver huh? (: So Recapturing Beauty Day 1 will be posted tonight. I am soooo excited! And encourage all of you to look up the packet online. It is done by BYU.

2. November 30 Day Challenge!
So originally this was set for an October Challenge. But the beginning of October has been crazy so I am glad I switched it to November.
This is the challenge;
Think of 30 people I see and/or associate with in my 'daily' life (weekly) who have really helped to change me for the better, benefit my life, see things in a different way, etc.
The plan is to get a picture with them, post my comments and gratitude for them on here, and do something kind/thoughtful for them.
I am seriously so excited for this! I already have my list of people (seeing as the plan was set for October.) And I can't wait to start.

3. Secret Santa Project.
Don't have many details on this yet. But that is okay. November and December isn't here yet.

4. The Twelve Days of Christmas.
Ahhh!!!! That is all I can say.

5. Debate Competitions.
I can't wait for the November competition! It is going to rock!!! I hope to compete in at least four events. It is going to take so much time. But it will be so worth it later in life!