Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mission Accomplished... Well Almost.

(Picture of my nephew and I after the BYU Tailgate party a week ago. I showed him how to take pictures on my phone and he got so excited that he took my phone and kept taking pictures of himself/us. It was so adorable! He would put the cutest smile ever on. So so precious.)

Today has been a good day.
A hard weekend where I just wanted to cry all the time to a fabulous Sunday.
It was pretty sad having to say "goodbye" to Liesl who is moving forever and a half away (okay... Maybe it is only like 40 minutes... But still. That is a huge change seeing as it used to only take 2 and a half minutes to get from my house to hers.) But it isn't really goodbye because true friends are friends forever and won't let distance get between them! hahahahah! And hopefully I can take her family pictures sometime. That would be awesome!

We had a cousin over for dinner tonight... He isn't really related. But that is the joy of being Hispanic. If you really like a family you just adopt them as a cousin and you guys are tight forever. White people can't exactly do that... (:
So my family knew his family really well in California and I guess he lives up here now with his girlfriend or wife? I don't know the relationship. But yeah. It was cool to have him over.

So I really didn't do much today. I have felt really sick all weekend and my body is so sore. But it was still a fabulous day.
I swear I had the worst A.D.D. problems today. But that is okay.(:
I finally finished my debate speech!
Guys you have NO IDEA how happy I am with it!
My mom says I need to add more humor... Which I guess I could.
But I am happy to have it done and just need to memorize it now.
Which hopefully will be easy. CROSSING MY FINGERS!
I will post either a video of it, because it is 'acted' or just the paper after competition.
But I will tell you...
The title is "Magic Words."
And the last line is my favorite.
So competition this week better be good or I will be bummed.
And the next speech later this month will just have to be a hundred times better.

I have two pictures from this weekend, one with Liesl and one from Friday when I made my goody two-shoes sister go get Jamba with me near the end of school for her Friday.
Super fun!
But I am getting off for the night.
Just going to wait for my friendly phone call for the night and then off to bed.
Love the emails. Keep sending them.
And remember, I am a photographer. So don't be afraid to ask for pictures!
People are always saying "I really want to ask you for pictures but I don't want to make you too busy."
I let everyone know I am a photographer because I enjoy taking pictures.
So fill up my schedule. Please.(:
I enjoy it.

Goodnight world.(: