Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lazy Adventures.

And there I was.
Just moments away from the end.
Such an amazing battle has just taken place.
And that's when I heard the scraping of the shovel and the tearing of weeds.
I was just pages away from finishing Michael Vey.
But I threw the book mark in and closed the book.
My mom is way more important.
I walked outside and asked if I could help her with weeding.
Lucky for me she said yes, and so it begun.
I helped her out with pulling weeds and sweeping up stuff. Just cleaning out the garden area.
It was fun. And just nice to be out there with her.
I am so lucky to have her as my mother.

After that I walked inside and helped Emma for a minute with her school play lines when Genevieve called.
And guess what? She pulled a Leah.
She locked her keys in her car.
So I called Joshua and had him come home from his friends house, then took the car and drove all the way out to Wingers in Spanish Fork from Provo. Then we drove out to her house then tried to break in for like EVER. And finally called the police to unlock her car.
We drove back to Wingers and it took just seconds for the officer to unlock it. Gah! So crazy hahahah. But good sister bonding time I told her.

After that I grabbed myself a hamburger and set for Provo again.
I think it is about time I go to bed though.
Goodnight all.

(Sorry for spelling errors. It is late.)