Monday, October 24, 2011

This is why you shouldn't...

So I was thinking about it today...
It must be REALLY annoying to drive a car after me.
And I have reasons why you shouldn't drive a car after me.
Because unless you are my size (which is um... No one in my family. And like none of my friends) then you have to
1. Squeeze into the drivers seat because chances are it is pulled as far up as possible
2. Readjust the rear view mirror because if you don't you will be looking at the bottom of the back seat.
3. Re adjust the side mirrors because if you don't you will only be seeing the side of your car.
4. When you turn on the car, chances are the music will be as high as it can go, so remember to plug your ears.

The last one doesn't have to do with size. But ya know. Just a warning.(:

You know what I hate?
When teenagers are dating and like a day/week after they start dating they tell each other they "love" each other.
I am pretty sure they jump to that way way way too fast.
But hey, whatever right?
Everyone is different.

And oh my heck. I have to memorize a ten minute speech in one week.
Scary? Yes.
Why? Because I haven't even written it... Yeah... That is scary.
I am seriously so pumped for competition though.
I keep psyching myself out and thinking it is this weekend.
Thank goodness it isn't though!
But I will be ready for next weekend.

Still so bummed we aren't going to the cabin.