Monday, October 3, 2011

Be my prince?

I saw this picture on my Aunts wall and just went "Oh. My. Heck. I LOVE it!"
How perfect is that saying?
"If this isn't your castle,
then you aren't my prince."

You can't even explain that statement. It just says it flat out.
And I most definitely agree with it.
And lets be real, if the temple is not the place you want to be married to someone you love for time and all eternity you haven't reached your full potential. And chances are you don't love them as much as you probably should. But who knows!

So Dear Future Husband,
Please please please already have set in your heart that you will not settle for less than a temple marriage. Then you will be PERFECT.(:

Temples are gorgeous.
All of them.
(Yes, even the Provo Temple that we all seem to take for granted at one point or another.)
I cannot wait to be married in one.
But no worries Dad, that won't happen for at least a couple of years.