Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gladly Sick.

Today I didn't go to my Eighth period. (Sorry Mum.)
Instead I went home and started working on some homework that needed to be done.
2 o'clock was coming up and I needed to get back to school so I could pick up Joshua and Maria.
But I was starving.
And of course nothing sounded appetizing but I still tried to find something to eat.
That is when I saw this paper on the fridge.
This isn't the first time I saw it. I saw it yesterday too.
Only yesterday it said "Propel belongs to Mara."
Today when I saw it BEFORE picking up Maria and Joshua it read;
"Propel belongs to Mara & Kaytlyn."
I just laughed. Kaytlyn had written her name in green marker. Nice.
So I added my name. It then said
"Propel belongs to Mara and Kaytlyn. AND Leah. YUM!"
I then went to pick up the kids from school.

We came home and I slept for about two hours. I hate being sick.
I woke up around four thirty and walked down stairs to drink what I woke up craving.
Hot Chocolate.
Joshua, being the wonderful little brother he is, saw me making my hot chocolate and walked into the living room, then seconds later walked back into the kitchen informing me that it is 80 degrees outside and I am drinking hot chocolate.
WHATEVER! I thought. Rolling my eyes. Just let me be.

It wasn't until after dinner (Which was very interesting.) That I noticed this paper I had written on only a few hours earlier. It now reads the same as this photo:

Maria simply added an "i" to Mara's name.
And then,
Joshua took over.
Scribbled out our names.
And put his.
Thanks a lot.

I am seriously so easy to entertain. All of Joshuas "Magic tricks" amaze me. I never understand them. It is soooo dumb. So today I sat at the table as he performed trick after trick and I just sat in awe. So dumb.

He has now discovered that when he comes to "Mind reading tricks" with me, that it is super easy to guess my card. I told him that I always pick the number 3. Because it is my favorite number. And then I don't have to try and remember what number. Cause it is always three.

He also found out that when I play battle ship, I always fire according to where my ships are. Now that he knows we can't play battle ship together or he will win. Every time.

Okay okay okay. I know. I am spoiled.(:
I have been running a fever and all this stuff. It has been a hard twenty-four hours. But it was just made a whole lot easier!
T.J. You are great.(:
Last night T.J. sent me a text saying that tomorrow (Today) he would bring me some Jamba.
My thoughts?
"How the heck does he know that the only thing that EVER sounds good when I am extra sick is Jamba Juice!?"
After getting off work, T.J. went and bought me Jamba and ran it by my house.
Like seriously? LIFE SAVER!
Oh man. I feel so much better. Jamba is awesome. And T.J. is amazing.
Totally made my week.
Thanks a million T.J.!!! I owe you.

P.S. Guess what costume made Time Magazine's top ten topical list?

So crazy!!

It made number six!