Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dumb Night. :D

I woke up before the sun this morning.
Just after 3.
Early right?
I haven't had a good nights sleep in a long time.
And I have just recently realized that I can not make it to 4 o'clock without a nap.
I decided to lay in bed until mmm... About eight.
I know I know. SUPER LAZY.
But I did get out of bed and going pretty fast.
Today my siblings and I watched three of Hyrums kids.
It was a lot of fun to spend time with them.


2 o'clock didn't seem to come fast enough.
I can't even remember what I really did before 2...

When 2 finally rolled around I went to meet up with Bitton, Robinson, and Brannock.
I was sooo pumped. It seemed like it had been forever since I last saw them.
Well, I saw Bitton two weeks ago...
And the last time I saw Brannock was the week before Conference.
And this was my first time meeting Robinson.

On my way there I saw a sign that said "FREE KITTENS."
And of course I am like "Heck! I want a kitten!"
So I flipped a U turn and went back to the house.
And then, it being just my luck no one was home.
So now that I didn't have an excuse for being late to meet up with the guys, I quickly got on my way.
I got there just after 2.
And guess what?
No one was there.
So I waited... And waited... And 2:28 rolled around.
I was pretty upset.
So I shot Bitton a text and told him that I was going home.
His reply? "Um... Home home?"
Uh... Yes? Where else?
So he called me up. And I was already about ten minutes away.
I seriously debated answering the phone.
Especially since he was the one that kept saying that I gotta be there at 2 or be square.
But finally I answer with a "um hello?"
And there he is, on the other line, in his 'Hey I am Elder B. And I can do whatever I want because I am from the rich side of California' voice... (Okay. He really is cool. And I guess I just let him act like he is boss because he is awesome.)
But he said: "Well we just pulled up... So you wanna come back?"
I don't know why I was so upset. But my mood had changed so fast between going to meet up with them and being alone for half hour, and then leaving and getting a phone call when I am already ten minutes away...
But I still turned around and went to see them.
I am such a sucker.


So I get there and we just chat it up.
We talked about the past week.
And the plans we had for the next month.
It was so much fun.
Just so casual and great.
They always always always cheer me up.
But after about an hour I had to go and we all left.


When I got back home I played with my nephew Milo for a little bit.
That kid thinks he is boss too.
And then I went to bed for... Well lets just say... Too long!
I totally passed out.
And then it was 6.
I looked up at the clock and thought "Awww shoot!!!!!!"
TJ was coming. TJ WAS COMING!!!
He said he was going to be here at six. And I just woke up.
I hurried and got out of bed and rushed to get ready.
I quickly put on some light make-up and fixed my hair and such.
And then looked out my window, and there he was.
"Oh no oh no oh no" kept running through my head.
I quickly called my Dad and told him I couldn't pick him up because T.J. was here and it would just be odd to say "umm... So... Wanna come with me to pick up my Dad?"

After hanging up with my dad I walked down the stairs still trying to catch my breath.


Miniature Golf was awesome.
I told him I wasn't very good... And then I got a hole in one on the first one.
But I got worse. So no worries.(:
It was fun. It went by fast though. And he teased A LOT!
He is so easy to be around.
He is so funny, and nice, and just wow!
So after I won... hahah. We went to the movies.

And that was yucky, and awesome, and funny, and creepy, and ew ew ew ew ew, and awwww so good.(:
Did that make sense? ;)

After that it was still really early, so we went to go eat Spoon Me, but it was closed...
So we went all the way back over to where we were before, by the theater, which is weird. Because the Spoon Me we went to was right by Provo High. And right across from Provo High by Fat Cats is another frozen yogurt place...
But instead we drove back out to the University Mall to get some different frozen yogurt ... But we didn't get it. We decided we didn't want it.
So we settled on Ice Cream from Cold Stone.
He asked if I wanted to sit down in there, in the car, or what.
And we decided on going to see the city lights.
(Okay. We didn't really decide. I said we should go see the lights and he made fun of me. But said he thought it was a good idea. hmmm...)

He is the best person to ride in a car with.
He makes fun of me more than anyone else.
Even more than Joshua (my baby brother) makes fun of me.
And yes, I know that is REALLY hard to believe.
Because Joshua makes fun of me ALL THE TIME.
But it is AWESOME. He just cracks me up.
Especially when he says sorry.
Because almost always, without fail he says sorry when he is laughing so hard that it barely even slips out of his mouth.
So funny.

And I almost convinced him to go up to someones door and ask them why the heck they had such a big rock in their front yard.
He was sooo close to the door and I was shocked!
Because he seemed so willing.
And 2-
Because he left me alone in his car with the keys. I could have so easily slid over to the drivers seat and booked it! Not that I would because he is amazing, and plus he is much taller than me and he would probably make it back to the car before I could even move the seat far enough forward to reach the gas pedal...


After he got back in the car and asked me if I was really dumb enough to think that he would actually knock on the door and ask... He took me up to the make out point.
(Don't pretend like you don't know where that is.)
By the way, pretty much this whole time, he and I are laughing, or he is making fun of me, while we are driving around.
We drove up there and decided that we didn't want to be up there and that instead we would go to the Helicopter Landing/Mushroom.

On our way out there he complained about being so sick of holding his ice cream cup so we drove around trying to see if anyone in the city of Provo had their trash cans out.
I think we were pretty lucky to find one...
Actually that is debatable.
Because he drove up to one and I had to put our ice cream cups into the trash can.
Yuck!!! hahahah

But we got out to the Helicopter Landing.
And it was super fun. I don't even know what to say.
I wish I could give details to make this more interesting...
But I can't.
It was just too perfect of a night that I can't describe it.

We walked on out there to the platform and it was freezing but gorgeous.
He makes me smile.
We walked up the hill one way... And then down a different MUCH EASIER way. So ridiculous.
After talking in his car for a little bit (because it was freakin' cold outside) he took me home.


The last minute of the drive home was spent laughing so hard that my stomach hurt.
There is just something about this guy that... Wow.(:
And as we pulled up he asked me if he was going to meet my family.
Can tonight get any better?
I was a little like "uhhh... GAH!!!... Yeah..."
So we went inside and he was so nice.
He stood there while talking with and listened to my parents for a good like mmm fifteen minutes.
He was great.
Just peerrrrrffffeeeeeccccccctttttt.
36 Fo Sho T.J.
Thanks a million.(: