Saturday, October 8, 2011

Don't hate!

Okay I am seriously soooo sorry! I committed to do this every day and I have missed days because I was sick, and what not. So I am very sorry!
So lets see, some random good things that happened on Thursday...
Hmm... I don't know. I always love A 'Cappella. And I was able to sing in class in Thursday!
I am also working on a Psychology project. I offered to make a Pinata for that, it will represent a brain! Well I hope anyway... I went to Genevieves to work on it. And I thought I was doing pretty good. But it ended up being a failure. ha.
Oh and on Thursday I worked the DownEast sale for like three hours. I ended up going home early because they didn't really need me. But that was pretty cool.

On Friday I had a very delicious crepe.(:
I worked the DownEast Sale for about four hours.
And then... I went to Faffle Friday!!!!
So delicious.
It is a wonderful new idea of Jake and Jens. We go over and socialize at their house and eat Waffle. It was fun. And Jake took a great video of my nephew Josh which I will have to steal off his blog some time.

So I have pictures from this morning,
But this morning I went and ordered a boutonniere for my Homecoming date, and a corsage for Joshuas date.
Then for some reason, I was super excited to go to the BYU Homecoming Parade.
So we went as a family and to be honest, it was really fun.
After that I took some pictures of Samuel in his awesome new suit!
Roasted some marshmallows.
And now I am just about ready to go start Homecoming stuff.
Hope it is a good day.

I will update Ya'll on stuff this weekend.(:
Sorry for the delay.
Pictures coming soon!!!

Enjoy your weekend!