Friday, October 28, 2011

Welcome to the Weekend.

My dear sister Kaytlyn,

I love to visit your blog and feed your fish.
But today when I visited and tried to feed your fish they would not eat.
I am a little bummed and hurt by it.

The Short One.

So this is kind of a post full of randomness.(:
Here is a picture of our living room wall.
I have told quite a few families about it when I take their family pictures.
My brother and sister-in-law (Dave and Heidi) put together this wall for my parents for Christmas. I think it is adorable!
I love all the different frames.
It was a huge surprise. And makes the room look a lot better.
So just a creative cute idea.
And once we get our birthday calendar up I will post a picture of it.
Because that is a simple and cute idea too.

Yesterday was definitely a challenge for me.
I am so surprised I held back the tears all day.
I was able to go to the BYU Planetarium yesterday.
I have always had a place in my heart for the night sky and city lights.
So I thought that going to a planetarium and seeing all the stars and hearing about them would be fun.
Yeah... I was wrong.(:
I didn't really like it at all.
I like just laying in the park and looking at the stars better than someone telling me all the science behind it.
I hate hearing all this stuff about Zeus and what not.
I really don't believe any of it.
I have never been one to believe in a higher power or Gods.
It is just too far out there for me.
So hearing that The Big Bear is a girl that Zeus threw into the sky and she stuck is just weird!
But the stars looked pretty in the Planetarium hahah.

I love love love love love Mr. Larsons A 'Cappella class.
Mr. Larson is a fabulous teacher.
I was so happy to go to class today.
I had a very shocking experience last night so I was trying to pull myself together all day.
I love going to A 'Cappella and having the chance to talk and laugh with people about very random things.
Especially when Adam is in the room. He always seems to be in the room when we talk about boys so I wouldn't be surprised if he thought that is all we did.

My back is killing me.
And I have decided that even though it hurts like nothing else, the pain in my chest may be a good sign.
Just keeping the faith alive.
My face is no longer as swollen as it was last week. Thank goodness.
I have woken up feeling motion sick every day this week. It is so annoying but always seems to pass by 10 o'clock.

So... By the looks of it I would have to say my November is going to be very busy.
Yesterday I was putting everything onto my personal calendar from my agenda book, phone, family calendar, emails, etc. It was a lot of stuff. And the majority of the stuff isn't even on the calendar. It looks like a mess!
But I am sure that November won't seem busy once it gets going. Just need to take it one day at a time.